Sod Installation

Balee - Sod InstallAugusta Lawn Care Services provide the best possible sod installation money can buy which begins with selecting the best sod available, cut less than 24 hours before installation in your yard. We have a 9-Step Process which will put your lawn on the path for future success for many years to come. This service includes the materials, delivery and labor per pallet of the desired sod.

  1. First we will take a soil sample(s) to test the soil. This is the most overlooked and skipped step, but is the most important.  The soil test will tell us if any amendments need to be added to the soil while the dirt is being tilled.
  2. We rake the yard down to the soil, removing the old vegetation, and gathering any debris for disposal such as old grass roots, rocks, and sticks.
  3. We then till the soil approximately 6 inches deep (sometimes shallower if there are existing tree roots.) Tillers and soil cultivators are used to create a freshly-conditioned base for the new sod to take root in.
  4. While tilling, we will make any adjustments to the contour to avoid drainage problems and be below sprinkler heads and adjoining hard surfaces.
  5. We then come in and take out any high points and fill in any low points so there is a smooth level surface to lay sod and allow for optimal irrigation.
  6. Once the surface is smoothed over we apply a fertilizer treatment and rake it in lightly to help the new sod grow and also help protect it from the weeds while it is staking root and filling in.
  7. Now we are ready to plant the new turf. We will lay the sod, staggering the seams, and cut out the curves and edges as we go to make use of the pieces and eliminate waste.
  8. Now that your yard has been properly prepared and planted, we are ready to roll the sod to ensure good root-to-soil contact. This helps make sure that the new sod is firmly pressed against the tilled soil underneath and helps to smooth the yard out. While the yard may have some lumpiness from the soft underlying soil, it should settle in the following weeks. If any lumps persist past the settling-in process, topsoil may be used to fill in any low points.
  9. The last and final step is to water it thoroughly and check to make sure that all the irrigation system is working and properly watering the entire yard. Extreme care is taken to ensure any existing sprinkler heads remain intact and functional during our installation process.

The Advantages of Sod Installation

New lawns have some specific advantages over old ones. You have the chance to add proper soil amendments, and you can choose a lawn grass variety that is ideal for your climate, soil conditions, and level of sun exposure. Sodding your lawn gives it instant beauty without the time consuming task of seeding. Augusta Lawn Care Services can provide your lawn with the finest top quality sod.

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