There is no need to call multiple service providers to get professional services for your lawn or landscape. Core Groundscapes is your One-Stop Shop for all of your Lawn Care & Landscaping needs. We have you covered. If you do not see a service listed, simply contact us to discuss your unique needs. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers complete satisfaction.

Lawn Mowing

Service includes mowing, line trimming, edging and blowing off all hard surfaces. We recommend weekly visits, but we also offer bi-weekly visits for slower growing yards.  We use mulching mowers that recycle the clippings back to the soil to reuse the nutrients in the clippings.

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Bush Trimming

Service includes mechanically trimming or hand pruning bushes and cleanup.  We can trim bush to the customers liking and tailor the visits to occur as often as needed.

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Bed Maintenance

Service is designed to keep the beds free of weeds, encroaching grass and leaves and stick debris during the growing season. The service is scheduled to occur on a frequent basis to keep the beds in top shape.

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Mulch Installation

This service includes mulch, delivery, and installation to a 2-inch desired depth. We have access to most, if not all the mulch types and colors you desire.  We recommend mulching the beds twice a year at the beginning of the Spring and Fall seasons.

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Spring & Fall Cleanups

This service includes cleanup of leaves, sticks and debris from Early fall all the way till Spring.  We can tailor our cleanup package to your specific needs. Whether that means you need us to continue weekly visits while the leaves are falling, or you just need one-time cleanups upon request, we are flexible. We use blowers, and tarps, and sometimes mowers to move large amounts of leaves out of your property so we can vacuum them up into our trailer and haul them away to be recycled into soils and mulches.

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Crape Myrtle Pruning

Service includes pruning, cleanup, and haul away of the branches. This service is performed in January/February while the tree is dormant. The tools we use include a small profile pole chainsaw, loppers, pole pruners, hand pruners and hand saws.  We will rely on our skill and years of experience in pruning these trees the encourage proper growth and shape as the tree matures.  With Crape Myrtle trees, as with most things in the landscape, We can tailor our methods to shape the tree to the desired shape and size to the customer’s liking.

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Sod Installation

This service includes the materials, delivery and labor per pallet of the desired sod. First we will take a soil sample(s) to test the soil. This is the most overlooked and skipped step, but is the most important.  The soil test will tell us if any amendments need to be added to the soil while the dirt is being tilled.  We will till approximately 6 inches deep (sometimes shallower if there are existing tree roots) and rake up any unwanted debris as we go, such as old grass roots, rocks, sticks, etc.

While tilling, we will make any adjustments to the contour to avoid drainage problems and be once below sprinkler heads and adjoining hard surfaces.  Also, a starter fertilizer will be tilled into the soil.  We will lay the sod, staggering the seams, and cut out the curves and edges as we go to make use of the pieces and eliminate waste.  We will roll the sod to ensure good root-to-soil contact. Lastly, we will water it thoroughly.

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