Lawn Mowing

MosleyA lawn is a big investment. Don’t let it get untidy or fall into disrepair! Our team is here to take care of all the necessary details so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without any hassle whatsoever. You deserve quality lawn and bed maintenance and landscape care for your money, and this is what we provide at Augusta Lawn Care Services. Our team is dedicated and we care about our customers’ homes. Our lawn mowing services are designed to serve our client’s unique needs.

Did you know that it is best to leave your grass a little on the long side? Mowing your grass too short can result in stress, bald spots, and greater weed proliferation. Cutting your lawn at the right height will also allow it to grow deeper roots which require less watering. This will have positive effects on both the environment, and your wallet. Your lawn requires vigilant care and regular maintenance in order to stay green, full, and healthy. Neglected lawns can begin to get dry, patchy, and weedy.

What You Can Expect from Augusta Lawn Care Services

We provide lawn maintenance and lawn care services including lawn mowing, line trimming, edging and blowing off all hard surfaces. We recommend weekly visits, but we also offer bi-weekly visits for slower growing yards.  We use mulching mowers that recycle the clippings back to the soil to reuse the nutrients in the clippings. If you are interested in scheduling regular landscaping and lawn care services, fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your lawn’s needs. Keeping your lawn green, vibrant, and healthy is a job for experts. Our team provides regular services designed to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best year-round.

From mowing to edging, we instill the highest level of attention to detail in all of our employees while they are performing lawn maintenance. Our residential customers are given the same amount of attention as our larger commercial properties. We also inform our clients at first sight of any pesticide problems that will affect the beauty of your lawn. We can also take care of your tree trimming or sprinkler repairs that you may have throughout the year. Residential customers can call on weekends and still get a response. If you like personal attention Experience Lawn Care is the company for you.

Ready to Get Started?

Have you found all of the information you were looking for? Then call us at 901-248-0837 or fill out our Free Estimate form and we will be happy to discuss your Lawn Care & Landscaping needs. Do you still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us and a representative will respond to answer any concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you!


OUR PERSONAL 100% Risk Free, “You’ll Love it or We’ll Pay For it” GUARANTEE
“Simply stated: If you are not absolutely pleased with our service then we will REDO the item in question for FREE. If you are still not satisfied then we will give your money back and pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it for you. We are committed to your complete and total satisfaction. We stand behind our work and we want your business for life. Let us prove it to you! “
– Nick Denelsbeck, Owner