Bush Trimming

MartinAs both young and aged shrubs grow, they do not grow perfectly even; many stems and branches on these types of plant like to grow in different directions at different rates. At your home during the peak growing season, you’ll notice the branches of your bushes extending too close to the house, or too far over walkways or driveways; at this point, your property needs a skilled team that has the proper tools and equipment to trim back the bushes on your property. We have the experience and skill to maintain the artistic shape of the different hedges on your property.

Our experts provide professional shrub trimming services. We understand how to protect the physiological health of the shrubs while promoting the aesthetic beauty of your home’s landscaping. Scheduling regular bush trimming service promotes vibrant growth and improves the health of your plants. We ensure that our clients’ properties look their best all year round.

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When you call Augusta Lawn Care Services, you can expect service designed to keep your property looking beautiful and pristine throughout the year. We’re proud to maintain high standards of care. Maintaining the outdoor environment of your home is just as important as maintaining the indoor space. During the peak growing season and the off-peak winter months, caring for the shrubs, and bushes in your yard is key to having a well-manicured, flourishing lawn. As your lawn care service provider, we not only provide basic lawn services, but we also provide hedge trimming and tree services.

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